April 2017 Product Specials

April showers bring May flowers, and at Stone Leaf, we’re showering you this month with a variety of raku related items for your upcoming firings.

April seems to be the start of “raku season” in Colorado, and Stone Leaf wants to help you have the most successful firings ever! We’ve got a variety of clay, glazes, and tools on sale.

Clay of the Month
In April, I always plan in time to make bisqueware for raku firings. To help with that, Stone Leaf has 2 clay bodies on sale this month. Both clays come from Laguna’s Cone 10 line and offer excellent thermal shock resistance.

Get some Soldate 60 or LBW 70 at $7 per bag.

Glaze of the Month
All raku firings need raku glaze, and this month save 25% off liquid containers of raku glazes and 10% off Laguna dry raku glazes. A variety of sizes and colors are in stock for your glaze extravaganza.

Tool of the Month
Kemper Raku Tongs 15% off
To get that glaze on your pots, grab a few Sumi or Hake brushes for 25% off.

The Clearance Continues…
We have a miscellaneous assortment of raku supplies – a couple kiln lids, shelves, tongs, a torch, a bucket for combustibles, a pyrometer etc. When you’re at Stone Leaf, ask to see the pallet. These items must go, so we’ll take any and all reasonable offers on the Raku Pallet items.

Further items on clearance include a selection of Duncan Concepts 2 oz bottles, Duncan EZ Stroke 1 oz bottles for just $2 each, and a wide selection of Cone 5 glazes for $5 each. The Cone 5 glazes include jars from Coyote, Amaco, Mayco, Laguna, and Spectrum.

Just a couple notes:
Clay of the Month is limited to 100# per person. Further inventory of Clay of the Month is limited and we do not take orders for discounted Clay of the Month.

Raku glazes include colors from Mayco, Amaco, and Spectrum in liquid form and range in size from 4oz to pint size containers. Laguna raku glazes come in dry form only. Sale glaze is in stock colors only; no limit on quantity.

All clearance items are one of a kind and when they are gone they are gone.

We encourage you all to stop by soon for the best selection of sale items.

Stone Leaf Pottery is the best pottery supply store in the Colorado. With glazes from Amaco to Coyote and many other manufacturers in between, we’ve got all the colors you could possibly need. Stop by Tuesday – Saturday every week. We adore the brands we sell here at Stone Leaf Pottery but we are in no way encouraged or rewarded by our manufacturers for highlighting their products.