April 2016 News

It’s April, folks! That means that warmer, spring temps are upon us, and it is time to shed some layers and get back outside. For our April monthly specials, we want to help you move your pottery practice in to the great outdoors, with all things Raku on sale!

Clays of the Month: We are sharing with you a smoking hot discount on our two best selling clay bodies for Raku! *special price available on up to 100lbs*

Laguna’s EM345 Raku K White – This medium-fine texture body is formulated for low fire temperatures, but has added kyanite to help absorb thermal shock. Specifically designed for Raku firing, this clay body won’t disappoint. $9.85 per 25# bag 

Laguna’s WC843 Soldate 60 – This medium-coarse texture body is formulated for cone 10, so it stands up to the heat. The heavy sand content will set you up for success as it significantly reduces the chance of cracking or warping in the extreme temperature changes during firing. $6.25 per 25# bag 

Glazes of the Month: Amaco and Spectrum Raku Glazes

Add some flair to your firing with 20% off all liquid Raku glazes from both Amaco and Spectrum. Amaco’s glazes we stock in liquid pints and from Spectrum we offer the full line in 4oz jars. 

Amaco’s R- series glazes are always a go-to for unique and exciting Raku effects, and we are all stocked up on Spectrum’s newly formulated Raku line! Now is the perfect time to give them both a try.

Toys: Kemper Raku Tongs

Keep your fingers toasty by the kiln, but keep them safe from the fire with Kemper brand Raku Tongs on sale for 20% off regular price!

Bonus Discount!: Whether you are getting your outdoor kiln set up for summer, or just want to take your load to the next level (with another layer of refractory, that is!) we want to give you a boost, with 10% off of all kiln shelves and posts!

At Stone Leaf Pottery, we love to be able to offer you HOT deals, but in April, as always, there are a few rules. Discounts are available on in-stock inventory only. No orders, rain-checks, or holds on monthly special items. Sale prices on clay are available only up to 100lbs. Glaze sale is offered only on on Raku lines of glaze within the Amaco and Spectrum brands. Refractory discount is applicable on up to 3 kiln shelves and 12 posts only, and does not include other refractory items such as stilts, peep hole plugs, kiln wash, etc.

Monthly special discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. We look forward to seeing you in the shop this month, and wish you a happy spring!