3 New Dirty Girl Ribs

Stone Leaf ‘s Denver shelves are bursting with new tools… including some fun wood tools from the Dirty Girl herself, Link. We love the easy way these wooden tools from Dirty Girl Tools made in Kentucky fit nicely into your hand. The new Dirty Girl Tools are an excellent addition to your throwing tools – especially if you are taking classes in Arvada at Stone Leaf!

Each of these smooth and hand sized wood tools are designed to help you smooth and define thrown pieces while they are still on the wheel head, allowing you to more easily duplicate the same shape over and over.

Cleverly named the Tongue, the Lip Service and the 4 way Ribs will help allow you to create the same foot, lip and wall over and over again.


the Tongue Rib $7.95     –     the Lip Service Rib $7.25     –     the 4 way Rib $6.95


At Stone Leaf, we love to use what we sell. We have tried out these tools in our teaching studio and we’ll be posting pictures online;  to see our work in progress, come join our fun on Facebook and Instagram.