A Note from Taylor

Dear friends, 

I have been accepted to begin a post-bacc position for ceramics in the fall at LSU in Baton Rouge, LA. I am thrilled to to begin this new chapter of my life and to have to opportunity to further my artwork! However, I will greatly miss my SLP family (especially the dogs!!) and all of the wonderful customers I have gotten to know over the years. 

I am so grateful to Sophia, Ingrid, and Bob for giving me the opportunity to be at SLP over the past 3 years. I have learned an immense amount and have had many memorable experiences. Working here has allowed me to expand my art, make invaluable relationships, and broaden my knowledge. 

While I will be leaving SLP (and Colorado!) next week, I will still be engaged with the ceramics community! If you are interested in seeing what I am up to you can follow me on Instagram @tjmceramics or check out my website www.tjmceramics.com .  I will be updating both frequently and might even have a sale or two 😉

Happy Arting!