Information about Stone Leaf Pottery Instruction:

  • New students are required to start their class experience at Stone Leaf with an Orientation/Introductory Session. Please read above upcoming Orientation/Introductory Class times & dates.
  • During your Orientation/Introductory Session, a tour of Stone Leaf is provided and students will have the opportunity to work in wet clay. During this Orientation/Lesson Session, NO ITEMS are kept unless lessons are purchased at the close of the Orientation.
  • Want to split your lesson purchase? Ask us for details on how to do this.
  • Students are encouraged to pursue a wide variety of pottery making techniques at Stone Leaf. We have wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, large work tables, and a HUGE classroom space. Hand build, throw, tiles, functional ware, create what you want. Use our equipment, glaze, rolling pins, bats, and a variety of other items for no additional fee.
  • Students must provide their own tools; available in our store at a discount. (Tools are provided during Introductory/Orientation Session.)
  • Students looking to build a specific studio skill set are always welcome. Let your instructor know what activities you are interested in; we are happy to share info about kilns, firing, pugging, and much more during your class times.
  • Stone Leaf provides clay, glaze, underglaze, bats, brushes, etc., to our students. Students are required to purchase their own tools or use tools from a previous clay experience. New students receive a generous coupon for tool purchases in our store and all students get an every-day tool discount; quarterly tool sales are also advertised. We do not provide aprons or throwing towels.
  • With the purchase of classes, students are welcome to use our studio to work on projects independently each week during our Open Studio hours, noted daily on our calendar. This is typically about 50 hours per week of non-instruction time.
  • Class fees do not include the cost of firing for items created in class. A separate materials fee is charged, based on the weight of the item turned in to be fired.
  • Class purchases at Stone Leaf are NEVER refundable; come check us out before you purchase a class package.
  • Classes at Stone Leaf Pottery can begin at any time. We do not have established start dates. Send us an email or give us a call to join an Orientation/Introductory Class Session. The cost for an Orientation/Introductory Class is $30 and is non-refundable.
  • Our introductory class is non-refundable. It is not transferable to another person or a different day or time other than the one originally agreed to. The price of $30 is due at the time you accept an offered slot in one of our Orientation/Introductory Session. The fee for the Orientation/Introductory Session does not apply to any other costs such as a class package or purchase, store purchases, firing fees, etc.
  • Our classes are geared towards adults & mature teens. Students need to be at least 17 years old to enroll in classes at Stone Leaf.
  • Stone Leaf does not offer studio time to non-students.
  • Classes have an expiration date which is written on each student’s class card. Class attendance cards are kept in a binder in the studio and are available to students at any time.  In addition, each student’s expiration date is on the shelf tag which marks the student’s storage space. It is the student’s responsibility to track expiration dates.
  • A calendar is printed each month for students providing information about open studio times, special classes, studio specials, etc. We try to have this calendar available by the first of each month. Students can also subscribe to our Google Calendar to receive a Stone Leaf calendar on their smartphone.
  • Our studio is clean, safe, and roomy. Our glazes are all LEAD-FREE and we offer a HUGE variety of colors.
  • In addition to our regular classes, we frequently offer specialty classes that feature a specific technique or glaze project. In most cases these specialty classes can be “paid” for with an exchange of classes already purchased.

Thanks – we look forward to you creating here!

Guests of Stone Leaf Students: only current students are able to use the Stone Leaf studio. If SLP students want to have a guest use the studio, a lesson check is always charged off the host student’s classes, even if your guest is there during open studio. Guests, who only observe, do not use clay, glaze, or work with pots in any way, are welcome during open studio.  Assisting with clean up is fine, as it’s done appropriately. Students may not bring guests to class.

Please call us at 303-463-8081 to schedule your introductory class!