Teach This: Lady and Laddie Bugs

When Stone Leaf Pottery heads to Colorado Art Education Association’s conference each fall, we work hard to create unique and easy lesson plans for teachers to bring back to their classrooms. Here is a not-so-long-ago favorite, handbuilding lady bugs… and what’s a “boy” lady bug called? A laddie bug, of course!

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Denver Area Handmade Markets, Fall 2015

One of the greatest things about being in the Denver metro area in November and December are all the great markets and sales for handcrafted items, such as pottery, class, photography and more in the area. Truthfully? There are more sales out there than we can get to, but we try to make the rounds. Here is our list of the options. Continue reading

Marketing 101: An Introduction to Marketing & Selling Your Work

Back by popular request, professional potter and Stone Leaf instructor Peri Charlifu will be repeating his successful marketing class for students and customers interested in selling their wares.

The Denver area is full of exciting opportunities to earn income from your pottery.


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Favorite Things: Blue Rutile

I can’t help it, I love glaze and I’ll admit… I have more than I should. I love pulling off the manufacturer’s seal, mixing it up, the smell, and the first dip of my brush into a new, clean jar. I eagerly await new emails from manufacturers for more, more, more new glazes they are manufacturing!

I *might* have a glaze problem. Might. BUT I’m not agreeing to anything…


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Favorite Things: Fan Brush

amaco fan brush

When sitting down to glaze my pieces, I demand an excellent brush!! Often when I glaze (and I prefer to brush on my glaze) I will glaze 3 – 4 pots at a time, often in different colors; so I need many brushes. For me, in most glazing situations of smooth surface pots, nothing beats an Amaco Fan Brush.

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